With our deepest condolences we would like to inform that the executive director of the Sugihara Foundation: Diplomats for life, Simonas Dovidavičius has passed away.

Simonas was born in 1960 November 4th in Kaunas. In 1978 he has graduated from J. Aleksonio secondary school (currently Saulės gymnasium). Whilst in high school he has been an avid chess player and has won many tournaments. 1978 – 1984 he has studied in Kaunas Politechnical institute where he gained his degree in mechanical device engineering. For a long time, he has worked in Kaunas radio factory company “Banga” as well as in a co Lithuania-Sweden company “Pentacom”.

From 2001 he has worked as a director of Sugihara Foundation “Diplomats for Life”. The work he did with the foundation has gradually became a substantial part of his personality and has interwind with his personal life and fate. Simonas has loved his work, he continually broadened his knowledge in the field of Lithuanian Jewish history, was an active member of the Jewish community as well as worked hard to help the people in his community. He was an excellent guide, well-versed in his work. With his activities and care, Simonas has touched the lives of many. The Sugihara House is a great example of his everyday hard work and care.

His kind heart has stopped beating on the 14th of December. A day which precisely marked the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Sugihara Foundation: Diplomats for life.

 The memorial service for Simonas will on the 17th of December 3 p.m. at Šv.Antano bažnyčioje (Kaunas, Radvilėnų pl.11. The funeral will take place on 18th of December at 12 o‘clock at the Jewish cemitery in H. Ir O. Minkovskių st.