The condition of Sugihara House is extremely worrying. Wooden constructions of the roof, windows, windowsills, the exterior of the house as well as the details of interior decor are in great need of reconstruction. Repair works were started gradually since summer 2016 when the second floor of the house became vacant after Vytautas Magnus University Centre for Asian Studies moved to other premises. Now vacant, this space is planned to be used for the expansion of the exhibition but untill then the crucial repair works have to be accomplished.

In July, 2016, the reconstruction was started. The works began with repairing of windows, interior walls, windowsills and floor. Presently, 3 out of 5 rooms and the hallway of the second floor are under reconstruction. Exquisite attention is being paid to authentic architectural details, i. e., the window operating mechanisms.

Since the beginning of 2017, the repair works of the rooms in the attic have started. Those rooms need special attention because they are straight below the roof which is still not fixed. Therefore, the moist from the outside has severely damaged them.

Sugihara House is in the list of cultural heritage objects therefore every stage of the repair works has to be accomplished according to special requirements. The materials have to be of ultimate quality, the works have to be done with precision and specialists have to be of a respective qualification.

The Sugihara House is a part of cultural heritage therefore every stage of reconstruction has to be accomplished according to special requirements. First of all, the materials which are used here have to be of best quality; the works have to be of ultimate precision and the specialists need to have respective qualifications. This can only be achieved with considerable financial support. We would like to express our immense gratitude to everyone who have supported us, especially:

AB „Inter Rao Lietuva“

American Fund For Lithuanian-Latvian Jews Inc.

Assistance to Lithuanian Jews, Inc.

Česlav Okinič

Erica Mitsidis

Federation of Fukuoka Prefectural Assembly Members for The Promotion of International Relations

Hachimangu Tsurugaoka Shrine community

Izumiotsu International Communications Association

Jaroslav Neverovič

Kazuko Shiraishi

Laimutė Vanagienė

Lithuanian Kyudo Federation

Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service

Rimantas Vaitkus

Rūta Prusevičienė

Shonan Gakuen

Tadashi Sugaya

The Tides Foundation

We would like to invite and encourage everyone to support us in the process of restoration the historical Sugihara House. Only your generosity can make the plans turn to reality. Please, click here to find out more about the support possibilities.