Every year the Board of the public organization “Sugihara Foundation - Diplomats for Life” elects a Person of Tolerance. The potential candidates to win the award are the Lithuanians, who openly expressed their concern about xenophobia, anti-Semitism, religious and ethnic persecution, intolerance of dissent, manifestation of radicalism and chauvinism in the political and social spheres of Lithuania.

In 2001, Tomas Šernas, a priest of the Reformation Church and the witness of the Medininkai massacre, was elected the Person of Tolerance. Mr. Šernas received the award for taking a public position against the anti-Semitic remarks of Mr. Vytautas Šustauskas (politician).

In 2002 the award went to Prof. Irena Veisaitė, who greatly contributed to the improvement of the relationship between Lithuanians and Jews and attempted to establish a moral dialogue between the two groups, as well as for the exploration of the Litvak (Lithuanian Jews) cultural heritage.

Journalist Algimantas Čekuolis was elected the Person of Tolerance 2003. He received the award for the propagation of political and civil tolerance, the defense and promulgation of the values of civil society as well as the important contribution to the development of analytical journalism in Lithuania.

Film Director Saulius Beržinis was elected the Person of Tolerance in 2004 for taking a stand against the indifference to the destiny of the Romani people in Lithuania.

One year later, in 2005, the title was awarded to the Franciscan monk Arūnas Peškaitis for his public speech on the attacks of non-governmental organizations by some mass media.

In 2006 the Board awarded Robertas Povilaitis as the Person of Tolerance. The Psychologist and Director of the Vilnius Children’s Help Line received the title for the continuous work and contribution attempting to diminish hatred in the society and create a safer world for children.

The title of 2007 went to the singer Jurga Šeduikytė for her courageous statement that the country where the politicians despise the culture and professional art neither belongs to the family of modern European countries, neither it finds its place in the 21st century world.

In 2008 the award was received by Mykolas Drunga.

In 2009 the award went to Tomas Veclova.

Andrius Navickas was awarded in 2010.

In 2011 Daiva Čepkauskaitė was awarded as a Person of Tolerance.

In 2012 the award went to the writer Sigitas Parulskis.

Andrius Mamontovas received the award in 2013.

Donatas Puslys was elected as the Person of Tolerance in 2014.

Businesman Valdas Balčiūnas was elected as the Person of Tolerance in 2015.

Writer Vanda Juknaitė was announced as a Person of Tolerance in 2016.